Hale Glass couldn’t exist today without its stellar staff – their combined efforts and passion are the beating heart of the company. New team members spend their earliest days at the company learning about “The Hale Way” – a no-compromises approach honed over the years in cooperation with the wonderful talent assembled at Hale Glass. Fueled by a respect for each other, for glasswork and for customers, the company has seen its staff grow, its headquarters flourish, and a long shot of a dream transform into one of the most trusted names in California commercial glass.


Safety is one of the five core values at Hale Glass. We do not succeed without our employees, which is why each individual’s safety and training are top priorities. Our annual EMR rate remains extremely low and is directly related to our commitment to the welfare of our employees. Each year we conduct training classes (TOPs – Teach Our People) which serves as an additional opportunity to educate and to increase our employee’s knowledge of potential worksite risks. Our continued commitment to training and educating employees has created a culture, a mindset of safety throughout all of Hale Glass.


At Hale Glass, we’re firm believers in giving back to the community that has so thoroughly embraced us. We do this through a series of community service events and partnerships with some of California’s most admirable nonprofits. See below for some of the causes we champion in the community.

Annual Blood Drive

Every year, together with the American Red Cross, Hale Glass hosts an annual blood drive in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. This is by far the most successful of our community service events, often collecting over 50 units of blood each year that will go toward saving lives.